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Who is Hill City?

At Hill City, we strive to relentlessly love Jesus, His Church, and the Hurting. It’s the essence of who we are. From our beginning in 2005, as a single small group meeting in our Senior Pastors Adam & Jami McCain's living room, we’ve honored the importance of doing life together and authentically knowing Christ.


We have three (soon to be four)campuses: Cedar Hill, Mansfield, Online and coming in 2023, Arlington. We are small group led and driven. All of our members are encouraged to be a part of a small group which we call "doing life together" because our small groups are not seasonal but ongoing. 


We're a church of about 2,000 members and growing. Currently, we host around 88 small groups.   

All About Hill City Missions

Hill City Missions started as a para-church organization called Global Youth Net. We traveled the world with teams of young adults and teenagers, teaching local pastors and ministers how to train others to led and grow small groups. Now as a church ministry, we support over 20 ministers and missionaries from all over the world through a 10% portion of our collective tithe. We also send 4-5 short term mission trips to these same missionaries once a year. This year we will travel to Nevada, Navajo Nation, Guatemala, Croatia and the Holy Land (in early 2024). Our goal is that every member of our congregation will travel on a short term mission trip. We host family-friendly trips which means we have all ages from 0-99 on the field with us. 

We also maintain a board of Missions-minded advocates who pray for and, if needed, minister to our missionaries throughout the year. These individuals help make our support decisions as well as hosting our missionaries when they come into town. We focus on partner development and strongly advocate for missionary care before the field, on the field and after missionaries return from the field. 

Goals for 2023/2024: 

1. Two small group leaders leading a team for short term missions

2. Launch, to Spain, our first in-house, long-term missionary

3. Develop a larger Advocacy Group which fosters missional development and becomes a feeder for both long-termers and short-termers. Aim is to add at least two individuals to the team by August 2023. 




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