8/5/2023- 8/12/2023
18 and Older
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We will be working with Pastor Mario and CCE Church. They have a vision to: 

  • To carry the gospel to every place where it is not presented with integrity.

  • To change our community and it’s residents through repentance and personal faith in Jesus Christ.

  • To present the gospel in a practical means through a variety of talents, personalities and ministries.

  • To establish institutions, associations, and organizations that will promote, through their activities, the principles of God’s Kingdom in the Republic of Croatia.

  • To actively launch and influence politics, the media, and the business world in the Republic of Croatia with above by extending and maintaining Biblical morals and ethical principles.

  • To raise up a new generation of leaders who will effectively serve in churches, fellowships and the business world with fairness and justice.


Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja, an interdenominational church, was established in 1989 under the name Fellowship of Believers of the Full Gospel.  The church was begun with the help and close cooperation of the Para-church organization Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI).  After the law on the right position of religious communities in the Republic of Croatia was established in 2003 the church changed her name to Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja (CCE, Church of the Full Gospel).  In October of 2001 the church came under the new leadership of President Mario Dučić.

Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja is Protestant-evangelistic and based on Christian principles found in the Bible.  The church cooperates with similar churches in Croatia and surrounding areas whose roots descend from the international Pentecostal movement, which emerged toward the end of the 19th century as an answer to new spiritual stirrings; which means that emphasis is placed on a living, practical faith in Jesus Christ and the working of the Holy Spirit among believers.

Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja emphasizes evangelism, prayer, study of the Word, music, and the training of believers-laity for the arenas of civil and church leadership.  The church is very active in the plans of society and politics in the Republic of Croatia; she actively helps and takes part in establishing and functioning with various civil societies as well as Para-church institutions whose vision promotes practical Christian values in all regions of society. The church is especially involved in promoting religious freedom, family values, and moral ethics by public projects contributing to the general good of mankind.

What will we do? 

Our ministry in Croatia will focus on evangelism and children's ministry. The actual schedule will be released closer to our trip. But rest assured there will be plenty of opportunity to meet new people minister the Gospel and to see lives changed.