JULY 13-20, 2022, $1650
18 and Older
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Comasagua is a small, lovely town set in the mountains outside of San Salvador. We work with Pastor Jose Luis Vasquez, a local pastor with 7 children. Projects in Comasagua have included medical clinics, first aid classes to the mayor’s office staff, vacation bible school, evangelistic campaigns and building a house for Pastor Jose Luis and his family. With the help of Mallory’s Heart Foundation, there is a feeding program for 100 impoverished children living near Pastor Jose Luis’s church. In 2013 an English school was opened to teach English to high school graduates so that they can find employment in the expanding call center market in El Salvador. York College sponsors the internet connection for the computer lab at the local high school. Mission teams have been a huge help in accomplishing these projects. In 2013 we are working with Pastor Jose Luis to form a network of revival minded pastors in the country to foster a revival culture in the churches.




Nehemias is a small church born out of medical clinics we hosted for a group of very poor families who were living in champas, or shacks, they had built on government land in a lava field. After being forced to move from the lava fields, we helped them start a church that is now 7 years old. Most of the members are single moms with multiple children and a median income of less than $100 per month. Projects there include a feeding program, micro enterprise projects, water purification projects, vacation bible schools, evangelistic outreaches and assisting youth with college expenses.




Tía Ana is a Salvadorean woman who takes "throw away" kids into her home. She does all of this with not a lot of support, so we have become her safety net, paying rent, utility bills, buying groceries, school supplies, medicines and repairing the various homes she has rented over the years. We have even taken one of the children into our home, Chepe, who has lived with us now for over 7 years.

Each trip will have a 2:1 person to translator ratio, so communication will be simple as you reach out to these beautiful people. The main spiritual issue facing most El Salvadorians is legalism. Be a part of bringing them freedom and watch as the Lord heals them through your own hands! 


19% of the population lives with less than $1.25 per day in El Salvador. It boasts of being the “Land of the Volcanoes” because of the more than 20 volcanoes in the territory. Two of them are currently active. In a culture dominated by a love for soccer, the people hunger for more. They hunger for hope. Will you share it with them? 

Amazing Love Missions is a ministry that Wally and Judy Cook founded in 2003 after working as youth pastors at Word of Victory Outreach Center in Canton, Texas. For 8 years they made  multiple youth and medical relief short term trips with their youth and other organizations. Because of that  they heard God calling them to full time mission work so AML was born. In May 2003 they moved to El Salvador.


The mission of Amazing Love Missions is three fold. The most important part of the ministry is to bring revival  to the youth of El Salvador. La delincuencia, or delinquency, is one of the biggest problems El Salvador faces, and for this reason Ruta 3:16, a youth church in San Salvador was born. It began as a bible study in their back yard that grew to 70 people and years later is a functioning church changing the lives of young people ages 18-30.In 2013 Earthquake School of Supernatural Ministry was formed to help train young revivalists to help usher in revival in El Salvador.


The second focus of ALM is to help the poor, and over the years this has resulted in feeding programs, English schools, micro enterprise projects, a college scholarship program and building projects. The areas of outreach are in a mountain town called Comasagua, a small church in the community of Nehemias, and a children’s home run by Tia Ana.


The third focus of Amazing Love Missions is to host mission teams from the U.S., who multiply the work of the ministry. The vision is to build long term relationships in the communities ALM serves and also with the teams that visit El Salvador.  ALM also wants the teams to have a supernatural encounter with the love of God on their trip and to take that encounter back to their home churches.

Typical Day


6:00 am - Flight to San Salvador, El Salvador

12:00 pm- Lunch and Settle into bunks

2:00 pm - Welcome and Orientation

4:00pm- Supernatural Training

8:00 pm - Group Devotion and Prayer


7:00 am - Breakfast 

9:00 am - Worship Service

Noon - Lunch

1:00 pm - Lunch  

2:00 pm- Naps and Freetime 

3:00 pm - Set up for Healing Ministry

4:00 pm -Healing Ministry

8:00 pm - Dinner 

9:00 pm - Group Devotion and Debrief

Monday - Thursday 

7:00 am - Breakfast and Prayer

8:00 am - Depart for Feeding Program Outreach

Noon - Picnic Lunch on Site

3:00 pm - Naps/Freetime 

5:00 pm - School Outreach

7:30 pm - Dinner

9:00 pm - Group Devotion and Debrief 


8:00 am - Breakfast

9:00 am - Depart for Daily Outreach

Noon - Lunch

2:00 pm - Depart for Beach 

2:30-6:30- Free Day at beach

7:00 - Dinner at Beach 

8:00 - Debrief and Devotions


7:00 am - Breakfast and Prayer 

8:00 am - Depart for Home

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